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Dynamics NAV Product Solutions

To grow your business, you need an ERP solution that can support changing demands along the way. Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) is designed for diverse manufacturers, distributors and services businesses wanting a proven, secure solution with the flexibility to accommodate new business processes and extend functionality quickly as their businesses grow and change. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the most widely used ERP solutions in the world.

Key Statistics:
• 94,000 + customers
• 6,000 to 7,000 companies migrating to Dynamics NAV every year
• 1.4 million + users perform their daily work in Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is now available! Click here to find out what’s new.

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Why Companies Choose Dynamics NAV (Navision)

Our uniqueness is our competitive advantage, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports the way we do business. The ability to model our specialized business processes into Dynamics NAV while adopting best practices “out of the box” in other areas makes NAV the best solution to maintain and extend our competitive edge. With Dynamics NAV, it’s never an either/or proposition.
Dynamics NAV is an extremely flexible solution that can support, even enhance, our operational advantages. More importantly, NAV will grow and adapt as our business changes and processes evolve. With NAV, you can have it your way and you don’t have to rip off the Band-Aid in terms of the pace of change. NAV gives us security and longevity.
The ability to prioritize and support the status quo in some areas of the business was central to our change management strategy. NAV mitigated the risk associated with wholesale changes to the ways things have always been done. We controlled the rate of change and used NAV to support existing processes we knew would be implementation battlegrounds.

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