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Homebuilding Industry Solutions

As a residential or custom homebuilder, it is imperative for you to not only maintain your margins, look for land deals, and stay one step ahead of the competition with your product line. 

Through our discovery process, we walk through the entire operation of the organization and look for ways to streamline business processes and eliminate redundant data entry due to disparate systems.  Our goal is to determine the best piece of operational and financial management software to allow the entire organization to collaborate with the same data set, what we refer to as "One Version of the Truth."

SBS Group realizes every residential homebuilder does business differently.  Our Building Decisions Solutions deliver products that are flexible, customizable, and easy to use.  We have seen that building 25 homes per year can have very similar workflows to building 2500 homes per year, so we have selected products that are scalable, using advantages Microsoft technology offers.

The key advantages to the Building Decisions Solutions approach help you:

• Build the house the customer ordered
• Control the change order process
• Communicate effectively with vendors
• Go Green with paperless transactions

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The SBS Group Solution
We work with homebuilding companies, like yours, to find a solution that matches your needs. We evaluate your business playbook and the dozens of various "plays" your team executes daily in delivering your projects. Resources and constraints are evaluated to help us mutually determine how best to build out your solution.

By delivering a solution that improves your firm's efficiency and productivity - and doing so in a way that allows for fast adoption by your existing staff - SBS Group can help your firm cut costs, expand profits, and achieve growth. Learn more about how SBS helps homebuilding firms, click on your role below...