End-to-End Distribution Software

In today's competitive global marketplace—where supply networks are becoming increasingly complex and customers demand more choices, faster fulfilment, and lower prices—distributors often find themselves squeezed from both sides.

To survive and thrive in this pressured supply chain position, a distribution company needs to control already tight margins by increasing efficiency and eliminating waste. Yet many distributors find themselves hindered by manual or disconnected processes, information delays, excess inventory, and purchasing information that's locked in the minds of individual employees. The good news is that technology can help by integrating processes, streamlining information flows, and providing easy access to the information required for confident decision-making and operational improvement.

SBS Group delivers integrated functionality to support all your order entry, inventory, warehouse operation, fulfillment, shipping, and financial management needs so you can get goods to customers quickly and profitably. We provide the tools to make it easy to connect information from across the organization and increase visibility throughout the supply chain.