Government Contracting

In our work with Government Contractors, we find organizations struggle with delivering projects on-time, on-budget and delivering quality all within the guidelines set by the government. The frustration of delivering project timelines, while also adhering to tight government standards keeps many government contractors up at night.

Continuing to execute on the vision of your company whether it is based on government or commercial work causes headaches.

SBS Group delivers business management solutions for government contracting firms that are quick for your team to adopt and provide specific solutions to your exact needs.

Our software, training and support can help you to:

• Stay in compliance with government regulations
• Reduce time to invoice
• Provide better sub-contractor management and oversight
• Ensure analysis is available of cost to cost objectives with traceability back to source transactions
• Gain control over your margin fade or gain using active dashboards for continual monitoring
• Meet your compliance requirements with guidance from our trained and certified consultants