Acumatica ERP: Next-Generation Cloud-Based Accounting

​Acumatica is a next-generation cloud-based ERP/Accounting software solution that allows you to access real-time data using only a web-browser.  Powered by a robust and flexible platform, it can scale to meet demanding workloads or shrink to meet demanding budgets.  

Built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology, the solution offers a unique customer-centric licensing model. Instead of a traditional per-user model, pricing is based on functionality,​​ allowing customers to add users as they grow with no increase in costs​. All Acumatica application suites are web-based, fully integrated, and can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any device. 

​drive growth, manage costs, be productive

A powerful set of business management applications enables small and mid-sized businesses to unlock their business potential and grow profitably. Finance, Distribution and Logistics, Customer Management, Project Management and more are all available in a single cloud deployed application. ​​Acumatica's application suites allows access to real-time data, reports and screens from any browser.  Advanced access controls secure sensitive data so you can involve people inside and outside your organization.


Acumatica chart.PNG

​Acumatica also provides distribution and customer management suites to handle the complexities of various businesses.  Track leads, manage opportunities and convert prospects into sales with Acumatica's CRM module.  Fully integrated with the financial and distribution suites, the CRM module provides a consolidated view of all client contacts including web inquiries, contacts, outgoing email, marketing campaigns, business documents, service cases and notes.​

Cloud ERP: An Adaptable, Consumable, and flexible option ​​

Many medium-sized businesses struggling to strike a balance between the growing and changing needs of their companies with tight budget and staffing constraints are increasingly looking to Cloud ERP as a flexible and cost-effective solution. Cloud ERP can help these businesses manage their core processes and resolve the specific set of challenges these businesses face, including the need to make ERP data more accessible and consumable. The Acumatica Cloud ERP solution provides accessibility, scalability and sophisticated functionality at an affordable cost point.​

Unlock the Cloud ERP opportunity. To learn how SBS Group and Acumatica can help you enhance your business, contact us today. ​​