Go Paperless and Gain Control with Kwiktag Document Management

​Your ERP system does a great job of delivering control and visibility over your business databut what about the documents that drive your business transactions? SBS can help you to gain control of your paper and digital documents and integrate document management into your business practices. As a result, you can deliver access to data AND documents wherever they are needed​from within your ERP system, via a web browser, or through any other business application that supports your process.​

Increase speed and efficiency

  • ​​Improve EBITDA by reducing costs related to headcount and process inefficiency​
  • Minimize inquiry response time and effort 
  • Streamline processes for compliance management and audits

Expand access and automation

  • ​​Extend visibility to ERP data and related documents via the web to non-​ERP users
  • Simplify and streamline document routing and approval processes
  • Radically reduce data entry for AP invoices and automate payables transaction entries

Enhance security and control

  • ​​Prevent unauthorized access to documents
  • Provide for safe-keeping of documents in the event of a disaster
  • Solve the problem of lost or misfiled documents​



​Struggling to streamline your AP process? Typically, clients come to SBS to solve document problems related to their accounts payable process, where hundreds or thousands of invoices are processed each month. Our solution allows clients to digitize and manage their AP documents in as few as five business days. With a document management solution in place, our clients can streamline processes for any department or process, including finance, accounting, human resources, contracts, customer service, sales and legal.​


Gain control, visibility and secure access to your documents. Contact us today to take your ERP system to the next level with a fully integrated document management system.​​​